ICPA Launches English-Russian Policy Glossary App

Building on a yearlong consultation process around the translation our policy advocacy manual into Russian, we decided to record the varied viewpoints around the translation of core policy terms by producing this app. This English-Russian policy glossary shares the current translation options of contested policy terms with the intention that the layers of understanding from each translation will add up to a core or ‘circle of meaning’.

In practical terms, the English-Russian policy glossary includes 41 core policy terms and each glossary entry includes the following:

  • The term in English
  • A short explanation of the term in both English and Russian
  • The Russian translation we chose for the translation of our two guidebooks
  • Other commonly used alternative translations in Russian (where possible)
  • An illustration of the all Russian translations in use
  • Links and sources for all illustration texts

Learn more and download the app (for iOS and Andriod) on the project page

Capacity Development & Training

ICPA supports Marine researchers in Portugal

Starting from April 2016, ICPA began working with Gulbenkian Oceans Initiative (GOI) on a programme called the Policy Development and Engagement Programme (PDEP). The PDEP will run through 2016 to support the GOI Economic Valuation & Governance of Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services research work done over the past 2 years. Following the research, the ambition is to maximize the chances of feeding research insights into the policy making process in Portugal and also at EU level. Based on needs assessment, the programme takes a staged and supported, learning by doing approach to assist researchers in developing the policy insights necessary to produce a focused campaign around a set of policy options presented in a policy brief. For more detail, see the PDEP page.


ICPA presents at UNHQ on Reframing Migration Narratives

Eóin Young, Programme Director of ICPA, presented on "Smart Practices in Reframing Migration Narratives" at an International Organization for Migration (IOM) Briefing on June 2, 2016 at UN Headquarters in New York. The event was entitled “Briefing on Promoting Migrant Integration & Combating Xenophobia”.

The ICPA input was part of the “Combating Xenophobia” panel and built on a previous discussion we had with multiple UN agencies in Geneva in April 2016 around the focus and messaging of a global UN campaign on migration and refugees. The insights presented were lessons from our current project on Smart Practices in reframing Migration & Inclusion Narratives through which we hope to empower campaigners with reframing knowledge and capacity.


Process facilitation & Training

ICPA working at the boundary in Serbia

In partnership with PERFORM/Helvetas, ICPA supported the development of focused and feasible research plan with a group of Serbian civil servants commissioning policy research and the selected researcher groups, i.e. with so called Boundary institutions. The support provided involved giving feedback on the research Terms of Reference and the selected research proposals, and a workshop on Evidence Informed Policy Making, which focused on the practical aspects of designing and delivering impactful research through the commissioner/researchers partnership. This focus of working across the sectors and boundaries is one of ICPA’s strategic priorities and we plan to develop further projects in this area.ICPA working at the boundary in Serbia